Expanding Tenant Amenities Beyond Office Walls: Food Trucks Offer Creative, Convenient Culinary Options for Today’s Workforce

By: Kristine B. Hurlbut, Senior Vice President of Leasing

Throughout the history of Denholtz Associates,  we have been committed to the ownership and management of modern, highly desirable office and industrial spaces in some of the hottest commercial real estate markets in the United States. Our team is always searching for creative and new ways to ensure that our properties, whether industrial, office or multi-use, meet and exceed the demands and desires of the 21st century tenant to allow us to continue to make our multi-tenant, risk diversification investment strategy a success. When we were looking for a new amenity to offer in several of our buildings, we recognized a much talked about, yet difficult to solve, problem that has plagued office workers for years.

For many workers throughout the United States, their lunchtime culinary options are limited to either; what they brought from home, the local fast-food establishments, or trying their luck at their office’s cafeteria if they even have one. With these limited options, many employees have been left wanting of unique and exciting dining choices, especially in suburban marketplaces where local food options may be even more limited. We saw this need and have collaborated with two local companies in Florida and New Jersey to bring almost endless dining options directly to the parking lots of several of our properties including The Times Building, 1000 N Ashley Drive Tampa, FL, 100 Matawan Road, Matawan, NJ and Fairfield Business Center , Fairfield, NJ.  The services, called Tampa Food Truck Rally and Rotating Chefs, coordinate a rotating roster of food trucks to arrive at our office locations to bring menu choices ranging from Asian Fusion to custom grilled cheese to Memphis Style BBQ prepared by award-winning chefs. It is hard to imagine being able to find all those cuisine types in most towns, let alone the parking lot of an office building. Yet Denholtz Associates has made it happen and we will continue to expand this program across our portfolio in the months ahead.

This unique service and the variety offered by the rotating trucks has provided our buildings with yet another amenity and has positioned them as highly sought after properties in their market, particularly by millennial employees. This is just one example of the unique approach that Denholtz Associates takes towards recognizing a need in the marketplace and finding a creative and value-add solution.  Denholtz Associates’ commitment to finding new ways to make their investments stand out among the crowd and attract top tenants will continue and remain a hallmark of our investments.