Old Dog, New Tricks

By Steven Denholtz, Chief Executive Officer

When I began my career in real estate at Denholtz Associates it was 1983. The number one billboard song was “Every Breath You Take” by The Police and the top grossing movie of the year was “Return of the Jedi.”  Cell phones had just come into vogue.  And if you owned one, it weighed almost two pounds, cost close to $1500 per month in usage, and, of course, it didn’t have email.  In fact, there was no email.

Steven DenholtzDenholtz Associates was started in 1954 and we have made it a priority to adapt and flourish in the constantly expanding digital age. When we see a trend or a new technology, we see an opportunity; a chance for us to learn, grow and continue to differentiate ourselves as a leading full-service real estate company and a trusted partner in our industry and our community.

That is why we are pleased to introduce the new Denholtz Associates website and the evolutionary technology it incorporates.  First and foremost, our updated messaging better reflects who we are, what we do and how we’re different.  We have an improved property locator feature and a new blog section.  We also now provide our partners and investors with web accessible financial data.  And we continue to reach out to the brokerage community with new and enhanced leasing and vacant space information.

With the launch of our new website and blog program, we have new and exciting ways to connect with our existing partners, potential partners, prospective employees and investors through our digital channels in a more transparent and personal way. It is also an opportunity for the many smart, talented people we have working for us to showcase their deep understanding of our markets and illustrate our commitment to integrity, innovation and quality.

Denholtz Associates has not succeeded in spite of our long history in the marketplace and our experiences in the pre-digital age of business, we have succeeded because we have been able to integrate the best of both worlds. Old dog—New tricks.

I invite you to join us as we venture into a new and exciting time in real estate and in our company’s history.

Thanks for your time and here’s to the future.